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Buy in Netley

This village is a very popular spot and beautiful part of Southampton with a wide range of people.


Netley, sometimes known as Netley Abbey is a village on the South Coast, on the East side of the Southampton City Centre. Netley Abbey has a couple of sites including the ruins and also the Royal Victoria Country Park. The oldest part of the Abbey, is a small and quaint village offering a couple of traditional shops and rows of terraced cottages. The Abbey is also renowned for its shingle beach looking across to Hythe and Calshot.

Residential Area

The area offers a huge range of housing. In the oldest village of Netley Abbey there are rows of colourful terraced cottages. However, away from the shore larger estate houses are being developed over the years.


The village contains a couple of small, very quaint, traditional shops. It does also boast quite a big range of shops considering its such a small village, there are 2 post offices, at least 2 hairdressers, an Alldays, a Butchers, bakers, a branch of Lloyd’s TSB, a chemist and endless amounts of antique shops.


As far as nightlife is concerned you would be better off going to Southampton or Portsmouth. However if you are happy to sit in a quiet village pub, then there is plenty to offer, such as the Netley Grange, which is a pub and restaurant offering a great range of meals and offers suitable for families. Or the Prince Consort, also a restaurant and pub, very popular with the locals.

Local Schools

There are two schools in the village. Netley Abbey infant school and Netley Abbey & Butlocks Heath Junior School, fitting perfectly into the quaint style of the village.


The local railway station offers hourly services to Portsmouth and Southampton, most destinations can be reached by Southampton City Centre.  The First City Bus, Number 16 also runs frequently through the village. A less frequent Solent Blueline, number 29A also runs through the village.

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