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Buy in Freemantle

Freemantle is a popular area just outside the City Centre which attracts families and professionals.


Freemantle ward is in the west of the city with the docks to the south and has a population of about 14,100. Neighbouring wards are Bevois, Bargate, Shirley and Millbrook. Houses in the ward mostly late Victorian and early 20th century builds. Most of these are terraced houses or flats with gardens. In addition to this, the area is home to a community centre.

Residential Area

Due to proximity to the University, Freemantle is very popular with students. Therefore a large proportion of the village is student accommodation. In addition, there is also a selection of flats and semi-detached housing.


Shirley high street is very close by, which offers plenty of small stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and hairdressers.


There’s a pub called the Freemantle Arms, however Shirley high street or Southampton City have more than enough pubs and bars to keep everyone happy.


Bus services operate to and from Southampton City Centre and it’s also only a short journey to Southampton Train Station.

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